With the new reality we are facing, Humble Pie is dedicated to enforcing the highest health and safety standards for your crew and our catering staff. Below is an outline of the guidelines we will be implementing in tour daily service and routine to ensure we are serving our guests properly. We understand the precautionary measures we need take make everyone involved feel safe and comfortable with our services.

Staff Wellness, Safety & Cleaning Procedures

  • All personnel will be checked regularly at the start of their shift (temperature) and sent home automatically if they have any symptoms at all.
  • All personnel will be Covid-tested prior starting work after shut-down.
  • Staff will wear appropriate food service Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) not limited gloves and face coverings.
  • Our kitchen trucks and commissary will be sanitized regularly, and floors will be cleaned with disinfectant.
  • As face coverings cannot be worn while eating, adequate eating space will be provided ensure physical distancing can be maintained during meal periods. We provide 10 tables & 100 chairs. Additional seating will be provided by Production.
  • We are requesting that Productions provide hand washing/sanitation stations in close proximity the catering service.

COMMISSARY- We own & operate our own catering commissary & do not share space with any other company

  • Sanitized every hour and floors will be cleaned with disinfectant
  • Refrigerator doors, doorknobs, stainless steel will be sanitized every hour
  • All vendors delivering product will be required wear PPE along with a temperature check
  • We are permitted by LA County Health Department & have proudly maintained an "A" rating & will continue with our high standards moving forward

Meal Period Protocols

  • Communal "buffet style" food service, including salad bars, trays of food, or any food service that requires sharing of utensils such as serving spoons or tongs has been eliminated until further notice.
  • All meals will be served in an eco-friendly "to-go" container with a lid
  • Eating utensils will be disposable and individually wrapped.
  • Desserts, salads, etc. will be pre-packaged when necessary.
  • We will only be providing single-serve packaged and disposable condiments.

Additional Tent for Auxiliary Menu Items & Beverages – If required & requested by Production. Otherwise all items served off the truck only. Tent tbe provided by Production & Additional Humble Pie Staff will be required (see rate sheet)

A four walled 10x10 tent with walk-up window will be provided for serving auxiliary menu items such as:

  • All beverages include coffee, tea, juice, milk, iced tea and lemonade
  • Desserts, cookies and ice cream
  • Cold cereal, oatmeal, fruit, donuts and pastries

This tent will be manned by Humble Pie staff in masks and gloves distribute food and beverages items.


  • All hot breakfast items will be served individually wrapped and portioned. These items will be available for pick up.
  • Breakfast Examples:
    • Egg Scrambles
    • Breakfast Burritos
    • Breakfast Sandwiches
    • Pancakes
    • French Toast
  • Cereal, oatmeal, pastries, fruit will be available upon request from special walk-up tent
  • *Special requests can be accommodated off the truck


  • To streamline lunch, we are suggesting that each department send a representative to the truck to pick up lunch orders. These orders would be taken to the appropriate eating area. This would ensure that we have minimal guests at the truck window.

Our idea to achieve this is to incorporate the following:

  • Menus will be given to department heads the day before by Production.
  • Each department head would place the order for their department and submit to Production by EOD day before.
  • We will do our best to accommodate day of orders, but the majority of orders should be placed the day prior.
  • During breakfast and lunch, the representative would pick up a box that corresponds with the order placed.

The guidelines written above will help us maintain an orderly, safe approach to accommodate our guests, while achieving social distance. We will continue to adapt to your production crew’s needs, as well as administer safe protocols to make this new reality a manageable transition for us all. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.